Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Scents Have Arrived!

Amaretto Nog: Sweet almond and vanilla

Brandied Pear: A sweet indulgence of ripe, juicy pear and cask aged brandy. A rare balance of natural freshness and mouthwatering sweetness that can be enjoyed in any season.

Chocolate Fudge: Outrageously rich bittersweet chocolate, and a touch of cream, blend perfectly in our mouthwatering chocolate fudge.

Christmas Eve: the scent of candied fruit and frosted cookies - true visions of sugar plums - with notes of brightly-wrapped hard candy and vanilla

Christmas Fantasy: Smells like a combination of ribbon candy, spiced tea, a hint of cinnamon, and a flower shop at Christmas.

Cranberry Peppermint: A duplicate of the popular Yankee type fragrance. Delightful scents of lemon, cranberry, orange, pomegranate, peppermint, spearmint, and crème de menthe on a base of vanilla, wintergreen and eucalyptus.

Hollyberry & Ivy - A fresh green fragrance blended with ivy, red berries, and a touch holiday sugar and spice (Heavier on the green than sweet)

Spiced Wasail: delectably spicy punch. Apple, orange, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon make up this Christmas favorite.

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Fall Scents are Here!

Acai Berry: The acai berry grows in the Amazon Rainforest on acai palm trees. They have a unique chocolaty berry scent

Apple Butter & Carmel:
Apple butter is produced by long, slow cooking of apples where the sugar in the apples caramelizes, turning the apple butter a deep brown. This candle fragrance has notes of Macintosh apple, steamed milk, cane sugar, vanilla bean, fresh nutmeg and creamy caramel. It will make your mouth water!

Caramel Sensations: a true deep caramel, warm and sticky.

Cashmere Type: Sensual, with exotic spice notes, this sexy fragrance has notes of saffron, pimento berries, white pepper, and a lovely blend of floral, a touch of patchouli, and vanilla.

Cranberry Marmalade: Luscious blend of tart cranberries spiced apples and fresh California orange peel.

Cream Soda: An old fashioned soda shop classic having all the bubbly notes frothing over the glass with the truly characteristic, caramelized sugar and vanilla cream aroma.

Daisy (Type): Compare to the popular Daisy fragrance created by Marc Jacobs. Our rendition begins with top notes of tangy lemon and jasmine; followed by middle notes of muguet lily, rose petals, African violet, and daylily; sitting on base notes of cedarwood, patchouli, and musk.

Ginger Soufflé (Origins Type): Fresh ground ginger root with gentle spices of nutmeg & clove buds, hints of black currant, light nuances of apple & peach, balanced on a background of sweet musky vanilla.

Flower Child
: Everyone digs this groovy scent! Patchouli, Sandalwood, amber, ylang, musk, violet, cedarwood, and Vanilla notes round out this cool, far out fragrance. Peace, man.

Maple Sugar: Sugary maple with hints of vanilla and butter rum

Nectarine & Honey: A sumptuous blend of citrus notes, nectarine, honey and delicate white florals soothe and pamper your senses. Fragrant rose and fresh, light musks add to the calming serenity.

Oakmoss and Amber
: Many fragrances can be classified as only masculine or feminine. Oakmoss and Amber isn't one of them. It has universal appeal with rich woody and musk base notes - yet has an enchanting fusion of herbs and amber that give it a feminine touch too.

Orange Chiffon Cake: You'll swear someone has an Orange Chiffon Cake baking in a warm oven!

Original (Claire Burke type)
Clean, cool, revitalizing! Delight in the timeless scent of roses, lavender, and spice, blended with soft end notes of patchouli and vetiver. You want clean and fresh scent, this is it! If you like the smell of Pond's Cold Cream and old-fashioned cold cream made with rose water and lavender, this is the smell for you! Very old fashioned, yet classic.

Prada (Type) This upscale perfume launched in 2004 and is a sophisticated blend of bergamot, mandarin, mimosa absolute, Indonesian patchouli, labdanum, tonka bean, and Indian sandalwood. This Prada scent is well balanced, intensely feminine, refined, elegant, en vogue, and innocent.

Pumpkin Bread: The mouth-watering aroma of oven fresh pumpkin bread. This delicious combination of pumpkin, vanilla, and a touch of spice is sure to spark your appetite.

Pumpkin Crème Brulee: This scent is so yummy, we can't seem to get enough sniffs & whiffs from the bottle! You'll find notes of creamy pumpkin puree, ground cinnamon, cardamom, Vermont maple, rum, french vanilla and caramelized sugar. Oh so delicious!

Roobios Red Tea: An incredible, divine interpretation of Red Tea!

Shangri-La: This is a lovely blend of fresh lavender petals infused with soft coconut milk. It's enchanting, relaxing, calming, inviting, and a bit sexy

Hollywood, glamour, attitude; Spicy notes with hints of fruit lead to the luxurious floral signature of this scent that boasts a blooming rose accord balances with hints of lily, while patchouli warms the floral tones. Precious amber, warm woody notes and soft musky vanilla surround the bouquet, Paparazzi style. Roll out the red carpet, this dramatic fragrance is an Academy Award Winner!

Sweet Pumpkin: A mouth-watering pumpkin scent! Notes of pumpkin puree, buttered rum, nutmeg, warm ginger and creamy, sugary vanilla. Although this oil does have spice notes, it is not a "pumpkin pie" scent - it has more balance of pumpkin flesh and spice..

Vanilla Sandalwood: There's something about the smell of Vanilla that brings to mind the innocent pleasures of childhood. But there's nothing innocent about this fragrance! It's a sensuous assault on your senses! While the strong notes of Vanilla are as rich creamy as they should be, their purity is complimented by the sexy scent of West Indian Sandalwood. The end result is a fabulous, and rather intoxicating blend, provocative enough to make your toes start to curl!

Whisper: Just like the Purely Herbal Shampoo

White Ginger & Amber: Were you disappointed, like we were, when Bath and Body Works discontinued this lovely fragrance Our version is edgy and vivid white ginger and smooth, smoky, sexy amber set the mood, with end notes of sandalwood.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Spring Scents

Jamaica Me Crazy: Transport yourself to the islands with its irresistible blend of coconut, pineapple, rum, tangerine, banana, and melon-y sweetness.

Beach Linen Beach Linen truly captures the scent of clothes dried on a line in the beach breeze. It has an airiness that's incredibly fresh and is paired with the herbal, floral, and citrus notes of the best clean cotton.

Honeysuckle This much requested scent is finally here! There is incredible variety in honeysuckle flowers, 180 different varieties on four continents. But its intoxicating fragrance will awaken your senses no matter where you encounter it.

Flower Child Everyone digs this groovy scent! Patchouli, Sandalwood, amber, ylang, musk, violet, cedarwood, and vanilla notes round out this cool, far out fragrance. Peace, man.

Badedas A bracing blend of "clean" from European spas. Badedas is a classic blend reserved for body washes in the spas of Germany, France, and Belgium. This scent is an upscale blend of fresh, invigorating leafy greens& florals, basil, citrus, amber, and musk. A brilliant, invigorating, and sparkling scent that will make you feel romantic throughout the evening.

Calabrian Bergamot & Violet A fabulous hidden treasure from the heart of Tuscany! The lavish floral heart pairs sweet bergamot and delicate violet with no perfume undertones - it's a fresh, gentle breeze from a lush Italian oasis. The middle notes of sparkling citron and fresh pear are seated upon a delicate base of soft sandalwood.

Vanilla Wafers A yummy TRUE vanilla wafer fragrance. It will make your mouth water for vanilla wafers!

Angel Heart An intense, romantic fragrance with top notes of mandarin, apricot, and orange, . It's warm and inviting undertones are comprised of balsam, rum, rose, violet, jasmine, ylang ylang, and iris. The sexy and sensual base notes are a heady blend of sandalwood, black currant, wild pears, vanilla, musk, and Vetiver. This is one COMPLEX and intoxicating scent.

Violet Marshmallow –This unlikely combination is surprisingly delicious! Sweet, gooey marshmallow paired with violet

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring & New Lip Butters

Just in time for Spring, we have created our best selling Lip Butters in two new flavores: Creme de Menthe and Sugared Strawberries. Creme de Menthe is a sweet, velvety vanilla peppermint/spearment that goes on sheer, smooth and refreshing. Sugared Strawberries offers a slight hint of pink shimmer...not glitter, just enough to reflect the light and tastes like strawberries dusted in powdered sugar. Great for filling up Easter baskets or sticking in your purse or desk drawer to keep your lips in top condition. Lip Butters will not be available during the summer months due to the possibility of melting during transport, so get them now!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Fall Scents are Here!

Apple Jack & Peel: An irresistible scent of apples and oranges blended together with the warm aromatic spices of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger. The base is a rich long lasting vanilla.
Apple & Maple Bourbon An intoxicating blend of fresh Macintosh apples with woody undertones and cinnamon
Arabian Sandalwood: This moderate, woodsy sandalwood is softened with delicate florals
Amber & Vanilla: A sensual soft blend of amber and vanilla
Candy Corn: Smells just like that favorite childhood treat!
Carmel Apple: The tart crispness of apple layered with the rich, creaminess of caramel.
Chai Tea: Warm and uplifting, composed of green tea, lemon, peppermint leaves and white amber. Smells just like the coffeehouse blend
Chocolate Biscotti In Italy, biscotti refers to a twice baked biscuit that is traditionally almond flavored. They're delicious, but as Americans we like to make them our own. Our fragrance retains the almond and biscuit notes of the original, but adds mouth-watering chocolate to create a unique fragrance you're sure to love.
Coeur De Vahine (Type) Notes of: bergamot, orange. Peach and passionfruit. Middle notes of cinnamon, rose, Jasmine, Tahitian opuhi petals, with a drydown of vanilla pods, sandalwood and musk.
Mango Apple (Gain Type) A delicious blend of apple, subtle hints of rose petals with a top note of sweet mango juices. Fruity and clean
Milk & Honey: Creamy, fresh white scent and sweet honey straight from the comb.
Orange Spice Juicy, sweet oranges with cinnamon and cloves. Like spices simmering on the stove, with fresh-squeeze oranges alongside.
Pear & Redwood: Top notes of pear and a hint of raspberry are blended with mid notes of osmanthus, vanilla, cinnamon, and clove, on a base of redwood, cedarwood, sandalwood, and light musk to create this unique aroma.
Pumpkin: The robust, creamy spice of pumpkin conjures images of hay rides through a pumpkin patch
Peach Cobbler: Sweet peaches, spices, and a hint of spice and that wonderful, buttery crumble topping.
Pumpkin Crunch Cake: The aroma of creamy pumpkin pie filling rich, freshly baked yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, and hints of spice.
Pumpkin Pie Paradise Blend of spicy cinnamon, rich, creamy vanilla icing and mouth watering brown sugar. BBW type.
Vanilla Hazelnut: A mouthwatering blend of toasted hazelnuts and creamy vanilla. Reminiscent of Coffeemate hazelnut creamer.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I will be on vacation until August 19th. In the meantime, check out the sale! 25%-60% on all orders placed while I am away! Keep referring your friends to Facebook. Contest winner will be announce on Aug 21st and new Fall scents will be arriving soon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Scents!

Violet Musk: Rich floral tones of lavender and wood violet surrounded by a romantic, musk, so soft and feminine!

Abercrombie & Fitch Women (Type) Top notes of Jasmine, Lily, Rose accented with base notes of Musk and Sandalwood.

Ed Hardy Women(Type) An explosion of fruits opens the accent including Mango, Wild Strawberries and Ruby Red Grapefruit. Freesia Petals, Watery Muguet, and Linden Blossom merge into a background of warm amber musk and Tonka Bean.

Boysenberry: A grapey, sweeter berry fragrance.

Vera Wang Princess (Type): Smells just like the original!

Shampure de Luxe (Type): Compare to Aveda. Soft rose petals, surrounded by lavender, ylang ylang, jasmine and bergamot infused with patchouli

White Linen (Type) Cool and crisp as linen, with jasmine, moss and white florals with a touch of berries.

Vanille Extraordinaire: Compare to Laurence Dumont Vanille Orientale. Lush, tropical Orchid, white musk, tropical fruits, spices and of course the delicious vanilla drydown.

Juicy Couture (Type): Lovers of fresh, modern fruity-florals will love our re-creation of this top-selling designer fragrance. Top notes of watermelon, mandarin, and passionfruit lead to a flowery green middle of marigold, crushed leaves, water hyacinth, and tuberose absolute, atop a sweet bed of creme brulee, vanilla, precious woods, and patchouli.

Aloe & Green Tea: Cool soothing aloe vera with a zest of herbal green tea

Jessica Parker Lovely (Type) soft, powdery, discrete and very intimate, it's typically announced as 'silky white amber'. It opens with soft citrusy (nectarine and bergamot) and woodsy (rosewood) notes with a touch of lavender, which is very discrete and not at all sharp. The fragrance further develops with the notes of white narcissus, orchid and patchouli. The base unites white amber, cedar, woodsy notes and white musk

Awapuhi Seaberry Enjoy the hint of floral, melon and berries on top of a fresh tropical ocean breeze.

Black Orchid & Vanille: exotic orchids with complex green notes and sweet smooth vanilla

Blackberry Vanilla: a beautiful blend of delicious blackberries and rich vanilla

Amber Rose: The warmth of amber with delicate overlay of tea rose. A beautiful blend of mystery and romance

Vetiver This exotic fragrance, the essence from a grass native to India, is known for its soothing, relaxing properties and yields an interestingly clean, nutty base note.

Violet: Soft, feminine and delicate a light daytime scent. A lovely floral but not headach inducing for those who are sensitive. Perfect for the office